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Students Admissions Instructions & Signup Instructions

   Step: 1      Read Admission Criteria

Read minimum grades/diploma GPA requirements before applying

   Step: 2      Create Account (Signup Form)

Register and Create an Online account in order to be able to apply.

   Step: 3      Login

Use your Email Address and password created during step 2. then click on the sign in button to login and continue with application.   

   Step: 4      Internal Steps After Login

After Login continue with internal steps and procedures to complete and submit your application. On Internal Step 2 - Payment Verification - Skip that step and continue to the next steps.   


   NB: Help and Support Instructions

No Application Fee is Required for submission of your application.

In case you face any problems. For Inquiries please contact the following numbers, WHATSAPP: +255 756 327 423 | + 255 745 559 150
Help Desk: +255 766 327 423 | +255 745 559 150 | +255 673 598 803 | +255 713 578 009 | +255 718 322 829

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